In order to keep The Playroom safe, clean and fun for all, we have a few simple rules we ask everyone to follow.

Only children below 130 cm are allowed in the Play area.
Parent/Guardian will need to sign an indemnity for each child that enters
      our play area.
The Petite Park will not be responsible for any injuries, theft, loss or
      damages incurred while on the premises. The use of the premises is at
      your own risk damages incurred while on premises.
Each child must be accompanied by an adult (age 18 years and above)
      at all times. Supervision of children is the sole responsibility of their      

We are a shoe-free environment and we strictly adhere to the "SOCKS
      ONLY" policy. Socks are available for purchase. Visitors are welcome
      to bring their own.
No food and drinks are allowed in the play area.
Guests may bring their own food but it must be consumed at the counter
      tables. We kindly ask all adults to clean up after themselves and their
For the well-being of everyone, we appreciate you visiting us only if
      your child does not display symptoms of a contagious illness.

For safety reasons, The Petite Park staff reserves the right to refuse
      admittance to a child if the number of children exceeds the legal capacity of
      our facility.
Our facility is designed for children’s play. Adults kindly refrain from
      riding, jumping, etc. on the equipment.

No toys are allowed in the bouncer, slides, ball pit or on any other play
In order to keep the play area safe, we ask all caregivers to prevent
      children from removing balls from the ball pit.

No rough play or fighting. Children who display aggressive behaviour
      towards their peers will be asked to leave.
The Petite Park reserves the right to amend the rules herein at any time
      without prior notice.

The Petite Park staff reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
Thank You.

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