Do I have to be a member to visit The Petite Park?
No, you don’t need to be a member to visit The Petite Park.

What age is the Petite Park suited for?
The Petite Park is designed for children under 130 cm or (in most cases) children under 7 years of age.

Are any special "play clothes" necessary to attend the Petite Park?
No special "play clothes" are necessary. However, all visitors must wear socks beyond the reception area and leave their shoes in a designated area. New socks can be purchased at the front desk.

What's this fuss about play?
Our "Back to Basics" belief focuses on a child's natural talents and spontaneous, simplistic ways of interpreting his/her world. In the first years of life, a child develops and works on so many skills – these skills get refined with practice over time. Play is the activity every child embraces with gusto and excels at, at a very early age. It is an effortless way for little ones to reach out, learn about and function in the surrounding environment. To learn more what experts say about play, Click here...

Would children with unique needs benefit from playing at the Petite Park?
As we designed the facilities, we tried to keep all young children in mind. Our toys and activity stations are intended to touch upon many interests and unique needs. We would like to support programs designed specifically for children of various abilities. Please tell us what you wish to see at the Petite Park – we will work hard to make it happen.